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Joan Bress is a frequent contributor to national and local publications. Please click the links below to access her articles.
"Campus Life 202: Making Your Jewish Way On Campus"
Reform Judaism Online
Whether you're looking for a spiritual home where you can share religious experiences with like-minded people, a way to connect with Jewish friends, or a comfortable place to practice and learn about Judaism, you'll find your way -- if you know where to look.
"Applying to College? You've Got To Know The Rules Of The Game"
Worcester Magazine
SAT-Optional schools and Early Decision plans seem to make college admissions easier for the applicant. But who really benefits from these programs?
"Financial Steps to College"
Worcester Magazine
In the world of high tuition, low consumer confidence and no immediate resolution in sight to the worst economic situation our country has faced in years, it is no wonder that this year promises to be the most unpredictable college admission year in decades.
"Freshman Year: A Time to Soar"
Worcester Magazine
Steven Thomas, Director of Admissions at Colby College, encourages parents to be booster rockets. "Get your kids into shape," he urges, "send them into orbit, watch them reach for the stars, and then fall gently back to earth as your kids soar on their way."
"Take a Breather, Mom and Dad"
Worcester Magazine
Youíve done your best, now itís time to let your senior go.
"College 101: Make This Your Best Year Ever"
Worcester Magazine
Take advantage of the opportunities that will help you to grow into the kind of person you want to be. Work hard, but be sure to have fun. Stay healthy. Learn lots of new things. Remember to call your mom even if you don't need something. Make this your best year ever.
"College Admission: Is There Hope for the Future?"
Worcester Magazine
If not handled with care and sensitivity, the college application process can not only deprive our students of an optimal educational experience, but may also leave them with a distorted sense of who they are as students and as young adults.
"College applications: An opportunity for personal growth"
Worcester Magazine
Students who take the opportunity to think about who they are, how they function in their world, what is important to them, and the ways in which they impact others produce effective essays and increase their insight and self-awareness.
"From Homeschool to College"
Worcester Magazine
Homeschooled students are highly successful in the college admissions process... if they know how to prepare.
"How Collegebound Students Can Profit From Rejection"
Worcester Magazine
College-bound, but not to the college of your dreams? There are things you can do.
"Early Decision: Your Ticket To College Admission?"
Worcester Magazine
Early Decision options promise to make the college application process easier. Are they right for you?
"A Time For Everything"
Worcester Magazine
Of course you want your child to plan in advance for college. Is it possible to start the college application process too early?
"Making The Most Of A College Visit"
Worcester Magazine

There’s lots to see and learn on your college visit. Be sure to look beyond what the admissions office has to offer.
"Getting The Hook"
Worcester Magazine

When it comes to college admissions, sometimes what you can do is as important as what you know.
"Is There (Jewish) Life After High School?"
The Jewish Chronicle
Religion is an important factor for many college-bound students. Learn questions you should ask - no matter what your religious or spiritual interests.

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