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We Help You Make Informed Decisions

At College Resource Associates, we know that preparing for college admission is a difficult, time-consuming, and costly experience. Our goal is to help you and your child reach your goals with as little stress as possible. 

We have visited hundreds of colleges and are in frequent contact with admissions directors, faculty and students. We track trends in college admissions and have access to the most up-to-date databases. As you consider your college options, College Resources Associates helps you and your family make informed decisions.

We Help Students in Grades 7-10

Meeting with families at key points in your child's academic career, College Resource Associates provides an overview of the college application process and helps students assess their long-range options. We work with your family on an as-needed basis, allowing you to access assistance when it will be most beneficial to you and your child. Offering motivation and encouragement, we help your child understand the impact that scholastic and extracurricular choices will have on college opportunities. We help your family

  • Identify your child's academic strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Explore academic and extracurricular offerings
  • Plan an academic schedule that is appropriate to your child's abilities and interests, as well as college and career goals
  • Consider testing options such as SAT, PSAT, ACT and PLAN 
  • Understand financial aid and scholarship opportunities

We Help High School Juniors And Seniors

At College Resource Associates, we believe that students deserve a supportive and personal environment in which to explore their college and career options. We help high school students

  • Clarify academic and career goals
  • Locate schools and programs, including non-traditional and alternative programs, that satisfy academic, artistic, athletic and social needs
  • Construct applications and essays that highlight the studentís individuality and unique qualities
  • Prepare supplemental material, such as portfolios, videotapes and audition selections
  • Communicate effectively with admissions personnel, athletic coaches, department heads and artists-in-residence
  • Decide about course work, testing, extracurricular activities, early decision options and wait list acceptances
  • Learn organization and time management skills to meet testing and application deadlines and to prepare for the demands of college
  • Prepare for campus interviews and visits
  • Work cooperatively with guidance counselors and take advantage of the resources of the school guidance department

We Help College Transfer Students

Recent studies indicate that 40% of students do not graduate from the college in which they originally enroll. We believe that transfer students deserve special attention to make sure that they continue on a path toward academic and professional success. When students consider a transfer, we help them  

  • Identify more appropriate colleges or programs
  • Understand transfer requirements at various colleges
  • Determine the academic and financial ramifications of a transfer
  • Gather recommendations and supporting application material
  • Prepare an application that effectively demonstrates accomplishments and strengths

We Help Graduate and Professional School Applicants

The competition for admission to graduate and professional programs is keen. At College Resource Associates we help graduate and professional school applicants

  • Explore programs that will meet specialized needs and interests
  • Understand application protocols, including testing requirements
  • Prepare a post-college resume
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Complete applications and essays that demonstrate strengths, accomplishments, and commitment to a field of study

We Help Non-Traditional Age Students

Adult learners are judged by criteria that differ in significant ways from those of the traditional high school student. At College Resource Associates we are sensitive to the needs and concerns of adults. We help adult students

  • Identify programs that will meet the goals and life style requirements of busy adults, and provide the support adults need to be successful
  • Construct an academic and professional resume that highlights professional and personal accomplishments and achievements
  • Evaluate life experiences that may qualify for advanced standing upon admission to a college or program
  • Explore and address personal and financial challenges to success
  • Prepare high quality applications

We Help Families Save Money

College costs are the most expensive investment most families make in their child's future. Errors are costly. We at College Resource Associates will help your family avoid the pitfalls that can increase your educational expenditures. We will show you how to

  • Anticipate college and graduate school costs
  • Identify appropriate, affordable schools that meet your student's academic, personal and financial needs
  • Reduce the likelihood that your child will leave college before graduating
  • Access the most complete sources of need-based aid
  • Locate and apply for appropriate merit-based grants
  • Compare aid packages
  • Work with college financial aid officers to be sure that you are getting all the aid your child deserves

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