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College Resource Associates is your partner in:

  • Giving your child the best possible advice
  • Finding the right college and gaining acceptance
  • Evaluating options for your child
  • Determining eligibility for financial aid
  • Identifying types and sources of aid

How do we help your family?

  • We are your child's guide, teacher and cheerleader
  • We teach your student time management, organization and self-advocacy skills
  • We brainstorm essay topics and guide the writing and editing process
  • We prepare students for college visits, interviews and performing arts auditions
  • We recommend colleges that are the best fit academically, socially and financially

With whom do we work?

  • With students in grades 7-10, helping them to choose their courses and guiding them to appropriate activities and testing
  • With Juniors and Seniors, whether they are "traditional" students, recruited athletes, or fine or performing arts students, helping them make wise choices and successfully navigate the application process
  • With transfer students, older students returning to college, and graduate students, helping them transition to a new learning environment that is appropriate for their academic, professional and personal needs

Contact Joan Bress at:
College Resource Associates
12 Southwood Road
Worcester, MA 01609
Ph/Fax:   508-757-8920



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