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At College Resource Associates we are committed to sharing our expertise and enthusiasm with the community. Joan regularly speaks to community and private groups, corporate groups, schools and organizations about all aspects of the college admissions process. She is a frequent resource for print and television journalists. Click the link at the bottom of this page for Joan's Fox News tips on dealing with application stress.

Joan works with CORPORATIONS to provide a low-cost, high value benefit for parents of college bound high school students. In employee seminars, one-on-one counseling or employee benefit fairs, Joan provides your employees with the information they need to help their child manage the application process with reduced stress and effort.

Joan visits SCHOOLS to present staff development programs as well as parent and student workshops. Workshops can be designed to meet your school's needs. Content might include, but is not limited to, conducting the college search, essay writing, preparing for interviews, teacher recommendations, managing the application process, parent issues, or the transition to college.

Joan brings her extensive experience with performing arts students to DANCE STUDIOS and THEATER PROGRAMS. Help your young performers and their parents understand and navigate the complex world of academic and conservatory programs. Whether your students are looking forward to a career in the arts or simply hope to use their talent to strengthen their college application, they will appreciate the opportunity to learn about the college selection process in an environment that is geared toward their specialized needs.

Joan will come to your HOME for a personalized discussion of the college admission process. Gather four of your friends, decide what you want to learn, and get ready for an informative and fun-filled experience.

Presentations are available on a variety of topics, including:
  • Secrets and Myths: An Introduction to College Admissions
  • Make the Most of Your Education: College Planning for 9th and 10th Grade Students
  • Forewarned is Forearmed: Early College Planning for Parents of Middle School Students
  • Dance Your Way into College: Important Lessons for Serious Dancers and Those Who Just Love to Dance
  • Essay Writing 101: Make Yourself a Standout Applicant
  • It Doesn't Have to be Stressful: A Parent's Guide to Living Through a Child's College Search


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