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Assisting Students in the Fine and Performing Arts

At College Resource Associates, we take special interest in the development of artistically talented students. Joan works collaboratively with your child's private or school teachers to make sure that your child is ready for auditions or portfolio reviews. Whether your child hopes to attend a college, conservatory or art school, Joan has the experience and expertise to guide your child toward personal and professional success. Please click the following links to read Joan's articles.

"The Non-Dance Major: Why You Don't Have to Major in Dance to Make a Successful Career of It"
Dance Spirit
Good dancers are smart dancers. Learn why successful performers and choreographers encourage young dancers to consider college.
"Auditioning Colleges"
Dance Spirit
A dance audition serves double duty. You show the faculty what you can do, and they show you what the college dance program is really like.
"Getting To Go"
Dance Spirit
Are you ready for a college dance program? Take this test and be sure.
"College Versus Conservatory: Are They Really Different?"
Dance Spirit
A careful look at your educational and artistic goals will help you make the right decision.


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