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The college search process can be confusing, and finding the right college and gaining acceptance can feel overwhelming. Your child may need direction, may not know how to get started, or may not know what it takes to present his strengths and accomplishments honestly and effectively. Every parent wants to avoid costly and damaging mistakes, but most don't fully understand how the college admission system works. You've read so many conflicting messages. And on top of everything, your schedule, and your child's schedule, are so busy. How can you make it work?

You want to trust that your child will make good choices about his college options and will begin college with a good understanding of why his college is the right one for him. If only there were one place to go to get the best advice and some real help evaluating his options, while at the same time making the process growth-promoting, less stressful, and maybe even fun. You've found that place -- College Resource Associates.

Whether your child is a traditional student, a recruited athlete, or a student with talent in fine or performing arts, Joan invites you to email ( or call her (508-757-8920) to learn how she can help your family conduct a successful college search in a way that makes the process easier, less stressful, and more fun.

Our Philosophy

Joan Bress has the knowledge, training and experience to be the guide, teacher and cheerleader you want working with your child. She teaches your child to manage her time, organize her resources, and advocate for herself. She helps your child ask the right questions, teaches her how to learn more about the colleges that interest her, and guides her through the testing, application, essay-writing and interview processes.

Joan supports you, as parents, by encouraging your child to share her concerns and interests with you, and by keeping your financial needs and your child's social and cultural goals in mind when preparing a list of "best-fit" colleges. Joan always aims to help your son or daughter find and gain acceptance to the college that's right academically, socially, culturally and financially, and to help you identify types and sources of financial aid for which you may qualify.

Contact Joan Bress at:
College Resource Associates
12 Southwood Road
Worcester, MA 01609
Ph/Fax:   508-757-8920


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